Outreach Services

Providing assistance and services to individuals and families experiencing difficulties in meeting their basic needs……..

 The outreach department provides services to economically challenged individuals and their families who are experiencing difficulty meeting their financial obligations. This department facilitates client-centered referrals and provides emergency food assistance to clients in crisis.

distributes food purchased with funds provided by FEMA and
the BI-LO / WinnüDixie Charities

Food Pantry operates three days a week (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) between the hours of 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Individuals in need of emergency food assistance are required to present
a state issued picture ID, social security card and proof of
physical address

coordinates self-improvement focused programming and workshops as forums for community education

serves as a local employment training site for CNA classes in collaboration with MedTech (803 731-2824)


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